Thursday, November 24, 2005

A New Celebrity Blogger

While I'm not usually one for jumping onto celebrity bloggers I had to comment on this one. With only 31 days until the arrival it seems fitting that I show you possibly one of the more famous souls to begin blogging. Ladies and gentlemen, I present Santa's Blog.

That's right folks, the big guy now has a blog. Replete with podcasts and other features, this site is a hoot. Santa even reveals some of the "science" used to pull off the magical night. Revel in the role that the reindeer diet, and ion shielding play in aiding the annual courier run that would make any UPS delivery person faint. Enjoy the tale of the day that Santa met the future Mrs Claus. You may even learn something new. I was surprised to find that Santa is a fan of the CFL. They even play a little ball up at the North Pole too. Who knows, maybe he'll do a better job than he did 2 years ago(He certainly seems more positive this time around, maybe Santa's got a better prescription). If for no other reason, it's worth a visit just to see the picture of Santa looking at Elf porn on the top left corner of the page!

To my fellow HNT denizens and devotees, sorry. No post this week as I was busy spending large scale cash last night. More details to follow. Keep up with all the HNT goodness at the big O's place.


Blogger Rowan said...

thanks for that link, my daughter is going to love this, didn't see the elf porn though, sorry.

2:40:00 PM  
Blogger Martini said...

Santa's wearing too much for HNT. Tell him to smarten up.

6:27:00 PM  

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