Monday, October 15, 2007

Let the games begin!

This past Friday night saw the return of the Hamilton Bulldogs to the ice here in town. After last year's Wild ride resulting in the Calder Cup Championship it should be a good season. The folks in the front office certainly didn't waste any time on cranking up the excitement for the team. Not only did they secure Brian Melo for the singing of the anthems but they managed to crowd the streets with fans. Over ten thousand people showed up to see the boys take to the ice again. Not only were they waiting to see the game begin but they also got to witness the presentation of the Calder Cup rings to the players as well as witness the hoisting of the championship banners. The energy was insane!


Al in all a great game, but a loss in shootout is never fun. Aside from the excitement of a new seson of hockey we also got one other goodie. The Hamilton Spectator teamed up with the Bulldogs to give the first 9,000 bodies through the doors a replica Calder Cup ring! How cool was that!?

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Blogger Martini said...

Very cool about the ring - I'm surprised I didn't hear about that.

1:03:00 PM  
Blogger mrhaney said...

you have some great photos here and i like that ring also. i wish i had one.

6:41:00 PM  

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