Monday, November 19, 2007

Amidst the mayhem that was this weekend our church had it's anniversary service like they do every year (go figure - an annual anniversary!). A really neat part of the service is that we were invited to buy flowers to remember those that touched our lives and so the wife and I grabbed as many as we had cash on hand for (which wasn't many unfortunately). We chose to remember some friends and family that we had lost including her mother and grandmother and my grandmother as well. I also grabbed a flower in memory of little Aodin Hurd. Some of you may know the story and for those that don't there is a lovely website set up that has it all there for you to read in far lovelier words that I could likely craft.

For all those we have lost we mourn their passing but we must also remember to celebrate what they gave us. We never go through our lives without being touched by others. Similarly everything we do and are will impact others as well. There are lessons to be learned every day in our lives. Are we strong enough to learn form them or do we simply pretend we are eternal teenagers who already know everything?

Here's to Aodin, for he has taught me that no life so short that it cannot have touched at least another. And even more importantly that every day we get is a gift that we shouldn't really waste.

Blacklight Butterfly

Burning Flutterby


Anonymous heather said...

Oh Pete, I adore you. Thank you so much for this.

6:40:00 PM  
Blogger Ms. Creek said...

as thanksgiving approaches, i've prepared a candle centerpiece i will light in her honor and memory for this year. i am blessed to have her loving memories with me. i completely understand and agree with your intuitive thoughts.

12:51:00 AM  

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