Thursday, November 22, 2007

HNT #90

Well this Thursday it was a slippery and nasty drive in to work with all the ice and such so it seemed only fitting that almighty Os was doing an MP3 player post today.

My iPod is my solace on the drive to and from work, especially on dreary drives like to day.

Let's be honest, the traffic is pointless when the weather's rough because all they keep saying is that the roads are horrible and to get off them as soon as you can. (Some people take this advice literally and veer off into the ditch though).

It's been a while since I got mine and I instantly fell in love with how shiny it was.

Being a bit of a photo geek however, I noticed how strikingly bright the screen was and came up with another idea as well.

Have no fear, I listen to what's on it too. Many a great podcast are available, as well as the ability to play whatever your heart desires during those long drives make it a great passenger on a solo trek.

Join the fun and click the button. Go on click it now!

Press it! Preesss iiiiit!!!

Are you looking for the perfect MP3 player? Can't choose from all the options and need some good sound technological type advice? Stop by Useless Advice From Useless Men. We're as entertaining as any podcast without all the arduous listening!


Blogger Ms. Creek said...

i don't have an ipod, husband does, and we both enjoy it when we travel.

it was blizzardy out, now it is gorgeous out for all the Thanksgiving travelers...I know you've already had yours, I'm in the process of getting the FEAST together. Cook for 3 days and then 10 minutes of hogging then 3 days of cleaning. Good thing we get the weekend off!

wow, not sure why i vented in here...thanks!

12:09:00 PM  
Blogger LisaPizza said...

Happy Thanksgiving HNT from the USA! I'm currently MP3-less, but have a Blackberry Pearl on its way. I can't wait to have music with me always. BTW, I am also a fan of Stephen King and love the movie The Princess Bride.

12:20:00 PM  
Anonymous searabbit said...

Very interesting takes on the IPod theme!
I don't have any of those... I'm feeling like an outsider...lololol..

6:53:00 PM  
Blogger Mark Leslie said...

Brilliant iPod pics, Pete! Happy HNT!

12:10:00 AM  
Blogger CraftyGuy said...

Love the pics. Don't own an iPod, per se (do have a 'generic' MP3 player), but am currently lusting over one...

By the way... You've been tagged!

11:23:00 PM  
Blogger jon said...

AMEN, BROTHER! Ipod is the ONLY way to survive the Detroit to Philadelphia commute!

10:38:00 PM  

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