Saturday, March 05, 2005

It's Not MY Fault

So our provincial government has issued an outright ban on Pit Bulls. This is a direct result of the grisly attacks on people, especially children, in the last little while. While I'm not manic about the whole issue as moral or legal or anything else I get a quiet chuckle out of the fact that it is a typical solution.

Mostly, the problem arises from irresponsible owners. People with animals that are unrestrained and, in several cases, not properly trained or handled. These animals are the next in a long line of unfortunate casualties of a plague sweeping our country, if not the modern world, better known as NMFS (Not My Fault Syndrome)

People have worked so hard to justify the cause of most problems to the point that nobody is responsible for their failures. These dogs didn't attack because the owners allowed them to roam unsupervised or unleashed, it was somebody else's fault. This follows a common trend

People's kids, once deemed brats or troublemakers are now tagged as special needs and are medicated or specially treated in the education system. Am I wrong or was the only medications when I was a kid a mere 20 years ago were aspirin for a fever and cough syrup for a cold? Beyond that discipline and accountability kept us in line. We knew that if we screwed up we had to report home to Mom, who typically would say "Wait till you father gets home!!".

Now you can't expell a child merely because he is violent or disruptive, you have to identify the cause of the problem and accommodate it. It's not any fault of the parents where there is little control or discipline, it's the school's fault. They are too busy making a living and buying plasma TV's and SUV's. After all it isn't the parents job to raise the child and teach them right and wrong, or socially acceptable behaviour is it? That what we pay our taxes into the public education system for. Just get them along enough to get them into school, the rest will be sorted out by the educators.

That's enough of the old fart rant for now (I gotta let him out once in a while or I'll end up watering the driveway in sandals and an undershirt on weekends while yelling at kids to stay off my lawn).

Now that nothing is anybody's fault though, I think I need to go on a bank robbing spree to raise a little cash to subsidize my new coffee addiction. If I get enough loot I may actually book a wild vacation somewhere tropical. After all, if society hadn't limited my cash flow and increased my cost of living I wouldn't have needed to rob the banks I will be targeting, It's not MY fault that his had to happen.

I'll let you know how it goes. If you don't hear from me for a few weeks I pulled it off, if not my next post will be in 3-10 years with time off for good behaviour.


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