Monday, February 06, 2006


For those of you in North America, this Sunday was Superbowl Sunday. A spectacle of excess, athletics and alcoholic prowess. Congratulations go out the Pittsburg Steelers for their victory. People always talk about the Job of the city and the hosting arena. Commendations go out to those that helped pull off the event yet another group of heroes lurk behind the event. They will strive to continue our quality of life over the next day or two despite the increased load on them starting on Sunday. Commendations will also be handed out to the people behind the individual parties that take place as well. Superbowl parties are typically held surrounding a large television screen, whether owned or rented, and situated beside large pile of food and drink.

In America alone there are estimates that 11 million pounds of potato chips will be eaten. Another 8.2 million pounds to tortilla chips and 3.8 million pounds of popcorn to go with them. Millions of pizzas and other foods such as spicy chicken wings, sausages and chili will be washed down with over $12 million dollars in beer and $240 million dollars in sodas. Here in Canada there will be similar mass eating and drinking sessions. What goes in will eventually come out and with all that junk food it won't be pretty. I know what happens if I eat that kind of junk so I can only imagine what it can do to an entire nation, especially in those kinds of quantities.

So my hat is off to the sanitation workers that keep the pipes moving and the water drinkable. To you, the water treatment workers I offer a beer that hasn't been consumed yet. Garbage workers will have to pick up all the pizza boxes, paper plates, napkins and empty bottles and get them off of our curbs. To you I offer a pizza that is still hot and not squashed in the box. For all of your hard work, keeping the rest of the year clean from the mess and fallout from our excesses, I offer my thanks to you, the unsung heroes of our everyday world.

For those of you that went to a Superbowl party yesterday, I hope it was a good one and I hope your need for antacid and other digestive aids is/was minimal. I wish for you, open pipes and plentiful rolls of toilet paper. For those of you that didn't, your heart thanks you for the lack of grease and fried foods.


Blogger deni said...

It was just hubby and I, hotwings and pizza, but I didn't eat too much. However I did enjoy the game, and I am thrilled that the Steelers won.

10:32:00 AM  
Blogger Celti said...

We hosted, and had some awesome taco/cheese/salsa dig, bbq smokies and a killer pork loin I cooked up (and plenty of white russians or vodka lemonades). I'm not so worried aobut my gastric health as I am our dog, who helped herself to about 8 cloves of fresh garlic. lol!

12:01:00 PM  
Blogger Gimpy Mumpy said...

Celti, garlic is really good for dogs. It helps them cleanse out internal parasites, although after 8 cloves I imagine he/she will need some extra trips outdoors today! :)

A friend of our made over 200 wings and 10 pizzas for 8 people. *groan* I stayed at home though and ate chocolate :)

1:32:00 PM  
Blogger Cody said...

Super Bowl is very overrated.....

5:03:00 PM  
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Blogger JODSTER said...

You say that, but I made the wickedest Buffalo Chicken wing dip ever..

Have me over for more Burnout 3 and I'll make another batch!

11:58:00 AM  

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