Monday, December 03, 2007

No escape

This weekend saw the end of a legacy. A legend in the flesh has finally checkout and gone to that big motorcycle ramp in the sky. Evel Knievel, the unstoppable daredevil has finally been stopped after all. After decades of battling chronic pain from the myriad of injuries he sustained over the years he went on to battle Hep C and a couple of strokes.

As a kid growing up through the 70's and 80's this man was everywhere. After a string of jobs Robert Craig Knievel Jr. decided to start stunt riding to try and make ends meet. He was inspired a show of Joie Chitwood's and decided to give it a go of his own. On January 3rd, 1966 he held his first show after having some difficulty getting things off the ground so to speak. After that show there were many folks clamoring to hire him and his show for their venues. This small beginning grew into the legendary superstar we all know him to be. There were toys and stickers galore as well as shirts and the like. Hell, there was even a really bad movie. The ultimate daredevil of the time was burned into our minds for all time. I remember as a kids that we'd all grab scrap plywood and take turns jumping our bike over stuff until someone took a nasty spill. To this day I refer to any incident of my kids doing something potentially dangerous as being little Evel Knievels.

Wherever he ended up I hope his bones are healed and his pain is gone and he gets to jump over whatever he wants. In this day and age of lawsuits and safety crazed folks we may not see the likes of Evel again, but maybe, just maybe our kids will one day get to see and revel in the spectacle once more.

You'll be missed Robert and I don't envy the next daredevil event that has been left in your legacy. The next death defying feat will be by he lawyer or judge that has to sit down with the ex-wives and divvy up the estate! That poor soul will have to have courage to spare!!


Blogger richgold said...

He became a brand name.

I so miss the innocence and naivety of the 70s.

7:27:00 PM  

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