Sunday, March 06, 2005

I'm better than the Queen !

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No matter how old I get I can at least say that I recognize the guys in this story by name at the very least. I am terrible with names and faces though. The best my feeble brain can usually do is to set off a warning bell that I may have encountered this person before.

It does not give me the courtesy of warning me if the previous encounter involded a beer and a handshake or a scowl and a hoof to the beans.

I'll be honest with you, my wife still gets mad when I can't remember her name and we've together a while now ("Honey" and "Love-Monkey" apparently are off the mark - when the bandages come off I'll check the list of possibilities and keep narrowing it down).

Still I'm better off than HRH the Queen of England!

In a dodgy effort to reconnect with the public, the British Monarchy has stumbled again ever so slightly. No this isn't another diatribe on Charles and Camilla's wedding.

After creating The Queen’s Medal For Music, a party was arranged at Buckingham Palace to celebrate its launch. The medal is supposed to raise the profile of music in the U.K. and reward those who have had an influence on British music.

Sounds pretty good, really, until the party. Here comes the stumble.
(That actually sounds an awful lot like a lot of misfortunes I have had - it was going so well until the party......... but I digress)

It all began to unravel when Brian May of Queen mentioned to the Queen that he was honoured to have palyed the national anthem during the rock concert at the Golden Jubilee.
Her response - “Oh! That was you was it?”

In effort to evade her gaffe she hurried over to Jimmy Page. I would at a loss for words in the presence of legend such as him but the Queen no such trouble and quickly asked him “Are you a guitarist too?”. All Jimmy could do was nod, I guess he was at a loss for words too. Maybe he was awed by her presence or dismayed by how oblivous his sovereign leader was.

Obviously put out by her lack of familiarity with her guests, Eric Clapton was determined that he would not go unrecognized. He firmly shook her hand and introduced himself by name. The Queen simply asked “Have you been playing a long time?” With all the dignity he could muster he replied “It must be 45 years now.”

Jeff Beck, like Clapton and Page was a former Yardbird. Eric Clapton, still trying to be of note to her majesty piped in “We’re all from Surrey!” Luckily, the Queen had heard of Surrey.

Ahhhh. It's good to see the elite hob-nobbing with the rest of society (or at least a bunch of burned out rockers anyway). She'd better hope that first medal goes to somebody good on November 22 or there could be civil unrest, or at the very least some grumpy old musicians storming the palace.

I bet you those guards would move then.


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