Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Redeeming Confusion

An amusing side effect of this latest coffee promotion is the opportunity for me to be myself at the expense of others. A session for revenge if you will. I get to strike back at all those that got my orders wrong, tried to stiff me on my change, served others before myself even though I had been standing around longer. I could go on, but you don't have that kind of time. Once you have rolled up the rim of the cup to see if there is a prize, you are supposed to bring winning cup tabs into the store to be redeemed for your prize. I wonder if they keep an SUV at each store just in case someone wins? Besides that.

They are so used to people bringing in their tabs and ordering their prizes that I like to play with them a little. Go in and order a coffee, as you normally would. Put down your change, and a cup tab that says "Please play again". Make sure you tell them you're redeeming that tab, and walk away. The downside is that this joke tends only to work at a store once (or at the very best once per shift). The upside is that if you are easily amused, like I usually am, you get to tour all the different locations as you try to befuddle as many poor souls as you possible can before the contest is over.

I intend to branch out and try this again with other products, but will need significant amounts of money to bankroll the operation. Does anyone know of any wealthy people who are easily amused too? Tell them I'll take them out for a coffee and we'll discuss this.


Blogger Celti said...

Damn, that sounds like crap that I'd pull. heh

Coffee addiction is no joke, though. Try working for a gourmet coffee company and getting to drink all of the best damn coffee ever for free all day long. Sheesh! Oh, the headaches!

As far as Tims' politeness, however...it's a bit askew as I believe their French is a grammatical nightmare. ...or maybe I'm just rusty.

Shit, I need some coffee.

4:49:00 PM  
Blogger Cynthia E. Bagley said...

;-) ummm, I am a sicko or is it sickee so there is no way I would have access to any rich people. My doctors take care of that.

But, how about a cup of coffee.. You're buying.

8:03:00 PM  
Blogger ms. creek said...

we serve mahhhvelous coffee at our house every morning, dahlink. drop in for a cup, sometime.

8:55:00 PM  
Blogger Laura said...

Good luck with that project. I may be easily amused (I read this blog) but I am not rich.

10:41:00 PM  

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