Friday, March 10, 2006

You're It ....... Weirdo!

So I'm just sitting around, minding my own business when I get tagged. Ok so I was nosing into other peoples' business or it wouldn't have happened but still.....

So here goes:

1. Thank the person that tagged you.
    Thanks Ava. It is due to your errant tagging that the world must now suffer from a Friday Afternoon cop-out post. Just make sure Frank doesn't find out.

2. List 5 random/strange/weird things about you.
    -I think I was raised by a traveling band of clowns. While this explains the nose it has little do with my wardrobe choices. I actually shun clown clothes for the same reason I fear stretchy pants. If I had clothes that baggy I'd have the urge to fill them. If it wasn't with frisky kittens it would be with my own flabby body and nobody wants to see that (especially the SPCA. I'm getting incredibly sick of all their letters).

    -I sit with my legs curled underneath me like a cat. This doesn't do my wrecked knee any favours but I can't seem to stop it. It's a compulsion, like the nagging desire to punish telemarketers, even though they are only phoning me so they can make a few bucks to feed their kids.

    -I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up as I have chosen not to grow up. This could make life a little more interesting as my kids grow up, but for now we have a lot in common so we all have fun.

    -Like a coke addict without his fix, I too am getting shaky. It isn't because of the cocaine, I stopped doing it after I nearly cut my nose off on a bad can. My camera is in for repairs and has been there for almost a month now. It feels like a year or two, but now I've got two people who want me to take pictures of them and no equipment. I run outside with my daughter's crayons and try to draw sunsets, but it isn't the same. My wife is getting nervous because I keep taking my daughter's Viewmaster to bed and looking through it and telling Dora to pose for the next picture.

    - I am my own harshest critic. While I appreciate that people think I'm talented and funny, I just do what I do for my own silly reasons. The fact that people seem to enjoy it has got to be a constant source of annoyance for my wife who likely spends most of her waking moments thinking "Oh god if people don't stop encouraging him I'll have to start drinking". It does make for some fun time though. My slogan in life seems to have been "If you can't laugh at yourself, someone else will find the time". So long as you don't hurt you own feelings I think you should always try to bring yourself down a peg or two. Egos are what are ruining the world at large. If we all learn how to be wrong and learn from our mistakes, instead of trying to justify all of our stupid decisions, the world will definitely begin to swing around for the better.

And since we're busy tagging away it's time to finally get to Gimpy Mumpy's tag as well.

Two jobs in my life:
    Retail computer sales rep. Let's be straight about this, I would rather have my testicles gnawed off by a fleet of rabid hamsters than do this again. The upside is that every day brought a new adventure in customer who get mad that they are technologically impaired. Anyone who has worked in and around customers and tech service would relate immediately. For those who haven't, go check this out right now.

    Disaster repair and commercial cleaning. From photocopier toner to picking up after the dead, this job was a constant source if interest. Not to mention the joy of working with the mentally incompetent on a regular business. You'd never think that cleaning things could be so complicated, but for some it definitely is.

Two films that I could watch over and over: Office Space and One Hour Photo

Two places I have lived: In a house and in an apartment.

Two TV series I like:
Battlestar Galactica, old/new bring it on and let your geek flag fly proud. The next would be a toss up between two completely impossible shows. 24 which has a man who would have been killed or arrested halfway through the first episode as it's hero, and CSI which has to be the funniest show on television. Not since the Hilarious House of Frightenstein has science been made to dance like a monkey for our entertainment.

Two places I've been on vacation: Dominican Republic, and Banff

Two websites I visit daily: Unique Exposures and (warning!!! shameless plug) Useless Advice From Useless Men (Someone's got to do it, that stuff doesn't write itself)

Two places I'd rather be right now: Any where else other than work. In a cottage up
north enjoying the quiet and scenery.

IF you feel compelled you know what to do!


Anonymous pink said...

I guessed about the clown part.

10:18:00 AM  
Blogger Aims said...

It's good you can laugh at yourself. I'm usually the first one to laugh at myself!

11:09:00 AM  
Blogger Violet said...

I think it's really handy to have a big red nose that can open cans.

3:25:00 PM  
Blogger AlmightyHeidi said...

battlestar galactica rocks. I can't seem to find in on reruns of any of the 325 channels. We must start a petetion or something...:)

11:31:00 AM  
Blogger Martini said...

I bet it was tough to narrow down your Weird Traits to only 5.

5:14:00 PM  
Blogger Cynthia E. Bagley said...

ummm ;-0 are you sure you want to reveal so much about yourself?

9:41:00 AM  
Blogger Wondy Woman Celebrity Gossip Addict said...

I love you rainy pete

4:46:00 PM  
Blogger ms. creek said...

what the heck is that picture of??????

11:16:00 PM  
Blogger ms. creek said...

and i love you for not having that stupid word verification on your blog!

11:16:00 PM  
Blogger JODSTER said...

"Retail computer sales rep... every day brought a new adventure.."

I think it was the city, not the business... Unless it happened at BOTH locations. Wait, I visited you at both locations..

Oh, man.. sorry.

12:30:00 PM  
Blogger Perpetual Chocoholic said...

I wore bunny ears to coffee last Thursday evening with a friend. I'm not sure why we did it, other than people laughed and so did we. It's addictive and a regular thing for me. When I'm normal, people worry something is wrong and usually they are right!

9:44:00 PM  

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