Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Died and gone to heaven

Okay so I haven't died but I am definitely in heaven. Hockey heaven. Bollocks to the Stanley Cup, the Hamilton Bulldogs are driving towards the Calder Cup with reckless abandon. Friday night saw me at the Game 1 viewing party in downtown Hamilton and Saturday night I had the game up on the big screen at home. Monday was game three and now the boys stand up 2-1 in the series. With games tonight and tomorrow we're all hoping that it can be sealed and delivered while at home. While I couldn't make it to Hershey I have been doing what I can up here to stir the pot. I helped the Jodster make a little video on Friday to get people in the mood for the Bears games. Since the team is working over Hershey the team we figured someone should perform a little voodoo and work over Hershey the products. You can watch the festivities here. It worked quite nicely and Friday's game was a stunning success with a 4-0 victory for the Bulldogs. Saturday there was nothing done and no videos posted so Hershey won 4-2, tieing up the series. When the video was posted on Monday the Bulldogs managed to beat Hershey 5-2 and giving us the series lead at 2-1. Since hockey fans are almost as superstitious as the players themselves (although nobody can match the superstitious mania of goalies) I did a little more voodoo last night and did a little bear beating of my own.

We are all hoping with all our hearts that the boys can do it in 5 so we can watch the cup being hoisted here at home, but if not then a victory away will be okay too.

Here's a peek at what you've been missing.

If you're in the Hamilton area tonight or tomorrow you really should stop in and join the festivities. If the money is a problem then just stop on down for the free pregame tailgate parties which start at 5:30pm each day.

Whether you make it or not



Blogger Laura said...

Good for local hockey. I don't know why the local teams don't get more attention, especially when the big shot NHL teams go on strike for more millions and more freebies. That was so ignorant. I was glad the local teams got more attention then. They were actually running them on the news at night. Now they are back to sucking up to the NHL. It's so skanky. Good for you to go to the local games. I like watching my nephew play best of all. :)

8:35:00 AM  
Anonymous bastet3 said...

I despise the Hershey Bears since I'm a Phantoms "phan" all the way!! So if the Bulldogs can kick the crap out the Bears, then I'm happy.

1:21:00 PM  
Blogger Rainypete said...

Not only can they but they are doing a wonderful job. Last night's 6-2 victory puts them in a solid 3-1 lead for the series. God willing tonight we bring home the cup!!

Go Dogs Go!!!

3:28:00 PM  

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