Monday, September 10, 2007

Can a do-over get a do-over?

365 #311

I don't know if it's the recycling craze that is changing the way things are or not but there is a trend to take old stuff and renew it. An example of this isn't really a new thing as it is the infamous movie remake and let's face it....Hollywood has had so little new and interesting that it's no big deal. They remake stuff that worked because they know suckers like em will check them out. This weekend I got to see the remake of Halloween by Rob Zombie. Okay so he didn't refer to it as a remake but rather a "reimagining" and I'm glad he did. Th movie was not too bad as a standalone but as a part of the Halloween series it fits about as well as Halloween 3 did. While John Carpenter's original was a masterful blend of horror, suspense and drama, Zombie's version was more graphic and more in your face. This wasn't my gripe with it though. What bugged me more than anything else is that as a horror movie junkie I loved the fact that Michael Myers was just a homicidal lunatic with no clear reason for doing what he did. Zombie's insertion of a back story sort of gives Michael a reason to be the way he is and that sort of took some of the fun out of him. Yeah I said fun.....I'm weird. Let's just hope that if they ever do the Evil Dead remake that they don't screw it up too badly.

Who knows.....maybe one day in the not too distant future we'll get something fun and original out of the Hollywood movie machine, but I wouldn't hold your breath.


Blogger mrhaney said...

i am not much on horror movies but i do like old westerns. i wish they would run them on the big screen again. there are a lot of people over 50 years old that go the movies and i know they would have plenty of people go if they just played an old western and besides how much would it cost to make.

9:13:00 AM  
Blogger Ms. Creek said...

well, i don't go to the movies much, like 2x a year, so you can imagine how often i go to remakes! lol

hard to better-re-create something that is already created...

7:10:00 PM  
Blogger Violet said...

That's a really spooky image. It reminds me of the clown in Stephen King's It.

4:44:00 AM  
Blogger Martini said...

You're right, and I'm definitely not going to see the movie. Similar to the added footage at the beginning of the original Night of the Living Dead. I thought it basically ruined the movie.

12:30:00 PM  

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