Thursday, March 10, 2005

I'll soon be bald

Every try to reason with a small child? Especially a child with the tenacity of twelve such creatures?

My daughter is a wonderful child who I love very much. That does not preclude the simple fact that sometimes I would like her to just behave for a few moments. It's actually amazing how they can push buttons sometimes. I think God made them cute so they'll survive longer otherwise we'd probably eat our young like other animals. Imagine that conversation

"If you don't start behaving right now I'll eat you like I did your brother and sister before you"

"But daddy I don't have a brother or sister"

"That's right, you don't. Think about it!!"

I blame us for her the personality traits that can cause serious strife and mayhem. She is a potent combination of German, British, Dutch and Newfie that is really doing the best she can. Let's not lose sight of the simple fact that she will likely need therapy later in life as she is MY kid after all. Hell I probably need therapy, but I've got a blog now (insert maniacal laughter here). Still I pity her sometimes.

YOU can simply click off to a safer place, but she is stuck with me. No matter how stubborn she can be, no matter how much she aggravates us though, she is still one of the best things about my day. Getting home to a very small and exuberant child who hollers Daadddeeeeeeee! and gives a tiny bear hug is just great. (And to think, I used to get excited 'cause the dog ran to greet me).

Now that we are entering the riveting and entertaining times known as the terrible twos. I have now officially switched gears into hardass mode. The more she pushes, the more I push back. She's got backup coming this summer so I figure I'm all right until at least then. I actually think she plans things with the dog when I'm not looking, but that's a different story altogether. If things get out of control I can take her.

I think.


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