Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Here we go again

How many of you have a pet?

We are the owners of a Yellow Lab that we love to bits despite the fact that she's stark raving mad. What she lacks in sense she more than makes up for in exuberance. For those unfamiliar with a yellow lab you take 2 parts detachable hair, 1 parts flailing lumber type tail, 2 parts tongue, one part appetite and 3 parts heart and mix well.

These dogs are fantastic with the kids and love to romp and play (No matter what the hour of the day). The only problem is that they are so likeable you can't not take care of them. Our family line has an affinity for getting the one faulty item in any batch. If we choose, at random, one item out of a pile of 2,000 mass produced products in which one is faulty, we'll get it. If there's a burger with a bit of gristle or bone in it, we'll find it.

Not to be outdone, fate made certain that we got te one dog in the litter that is broken as well. Last year we had a mad dash to the vet after she became really ill with a case of pancreatitis which ended up costing a bundle. This year we have allergies to deal with. At 2 and 1/2 years of age she has now decided that she likes to break out in random rashes and ear infections in reaction to some unknown elements. As such we are now waiting for an appointment with a canine allergy specialist. And I thought our medical system was busy. Animal specialists are now backlogged as well.

Our luck is that she is allergic to air, or possibly humans. That would be our luck. At least while driving me insane she is actually lovable and a really good dog, otherwise I would have to test for her allergic resistance to some other place to live. Ah well. Everybody needs a hobby right?


Blogger Adrienne said...

Oh how sad! She's beautiful too! The poor girl.

We have a black lab mix and he's exactly what you described minus the allergies. We've been lucky that he hasn't had any serious problems. Vets are $$$$$$$!

Good luck! Give her a kiss but wear a mask.

9:17:00 AM  
Blogger Hick said...

I've never heard of a canine allergy specialist?

I had a cat that was allergic to fleas. She would lick off all her fur on her stomach and hind end area making her look very strange. But, I loved her to pieces.

10:45:00 AM  
Anonymous Spot the Dog said...



*** drool ***


11:17:00 AM  
Blogger JODSTER said...

Why is my keyboard all wet? And why is this dog in the computer room?

11:18:00 AM  
Blogger Sask 1 said...

The dog is lovely

1:04:00 PM  
Blogger Rainypete said...

I hadn't heard of an allergy specialist for the hounds either but we're off to one to try and see if we can avoid feeding Piper 2.00 in steroids every day. Bad for the wallet and even worse for her poor doggie body.

Yeah, we love our ball of yellow energy. I guess if you're a little bit off then any animal that is a little bit off belongs there too. Normal people have an odd tendency to fear that which can't conform.

3:23:00 PM  
Blogger Rhodent said...

What a cute dog... labs are such wonderful family pets. Hope you find out what she's allergic to before you go broke!

6:48:00 PM  
Blogger blue2go said...

What a nice dog! We had Goldens when I was a kid and think they're much the same as you describe--the perfect family dog! Hope the vet doesn't cost too much.

7:29:00 AM  
Blogger Stacy The Peanut Queen said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, Rainypete! :) And I am a complete and total fool for dogs....I've got three of them and the smallest one is 65 pounds....:)

The Peanut King brought home a puppy that was partially blind. We didn't know it till I was already attached to the little guy (which, for me, took all of 2 seconds). The PK wanted to get rid of him but I refused.

You're so right when you said "you can't NOT take care of them".....:)

8:59:00 AM  
Blogger SEO said...

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1:02:00 AM  

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