Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Stop And Enjoy The Music

Back in my high school days I was fortunate enough to be pretty good at school. I never really had to work too hard at it and as a result I never really got too fired up over any particular thing. I focused on having fun instead. After a year or two of goofing off I was fortunate enough to meet a pair of people that would change my life forever. Most schools I have heard of with music programs almost have them as an afterthought, but our school was a little different. Instead of teachers just teaching and calling it a day we had a couple who were dedicated to not just teaching, but dedicated to the music and the students as well. David and Wendy Young were singlehandedly responsible for helping more than a few of us find our way in education, and music as well. The lessons they taught us sometimes had little to do with music but rather with life and their dedication to the students and music itself was inspirational.

The dedication to music went far beyond even the school level though. It is said that those who can, do, and those that can't, teach. Never has this been farther from the truth than here. Having spent the last 7 months in production their latest foray into a the world of music is a CD of symphonic poems called Silver Lining which you can check out at his web site. The album features Classical/Romantic compositions of David's being played by a 44 piece orchestra and was recorded at the Glenn Gould Studio. The beauty of these pieces speak to the very soul of the listener, transporting them across vast ranges of emotion and seemingly distance and time. He has written for Discovery Int'l, TLC, Rogers Communications, radio, educational and corporate projects. While it's nice to get paid to do what you love it's always more fulfilling to do something for yourself as well. If you're like me and can't afford a trip to anywhere exotic, you can stop by and pick up a copy of the CD so your brain and ears can have a vacation. You can even drop a line to let them know what you thing of the works.

Congratulations to the Youngs on this beautiful piece of work and may it bring you success to go along with the sense of accomplishment that comes with birthing a piece of art. Myself, I'm off to pack my brain right now for it's vacation.


Blogger Hick said...

Well, I voted for you (you are Peter, aren't you?), but because I have dial-up I couldn't see the video...so I voted on faith. You had better be worth it.


4:45:00 PM  
Blogger Green-Eyed Lady(GEL) said...

HI Rainy Pete,
I've read your comments on other blogs I read regularly for quite some time. For the past month I've been trying to visit a couple new blogs/wk from the blogrolls of blog buddies.

I live and breathe music though I'm not talented enough to play an instrument nor sing well. I love to dance and even named one of my blogs after a song. Thx for this recommendation. I'll check it out and put it on a wish list. I'm eclectic in music taste.

Did you follow a music career? Do you teach, sing, and/or play an instrument? Love your profile pic; humor rocks and your quote about sleeping fits in well with my current post!

I'm going to read more posts here. :)

9:29:00 PM  
Blogger jon said...

Your posts lead me to think that you are quite musical. I too would like to know if you are a musician, or like me, someone who loves music and would kill to be talented in that area.

10:04:00 PM  

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