Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A great loss

Bill Sturrup

June 20, 1938 - Jan. 16, 2007

After a colossal career spanning over 45 years, Bill Sturrup has lost his valiant fight with cancer. He announced last year that he was fighting cancer but he's one of those people you still never expect to see gone. Not only is his loss felt throughout journalism circles, but throughout our great city. Bill not only lived in and loved Hamilton with all his heart, but to many he was Hamilton. He has been the voice of so many of our sporting teams both professional and amateur that her really was for us here in Hamilton Mr Sports. Hell he was Mr Hamilton really. His voice has been heard for so many decades on our radios and in our arenas that he is part of the fabric that makes it all work. A massive supporter in the Canusa games, which sees young athletes from our city and Flint, Michigan compete here and there while billeting at each others homes. Many a friendship has been forged over those weekends that will last lifetimes.

Bill's heart and kindness were matched with a wicked sense of humour that he routinely used on his co-workers and new journalists that he took under his mighty wing. So many lives were touched that the station he still put time in at had a tribute through their entire afternoon show and the calls poured in with people telling of the wonderful person he was. I'll miss his presence and voice at the hockey games where we saw him often, but the real loss will likely take a lot longer to filter through the city as a whole. People like Bill are difficult, if not impossible, to replace.

We'll miss you Bill.....


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