Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A time to be thankful

The judge

Today marks 6 years since the incident that rocked the world and I won't go into massive details over it all. I covered off a lot of that in last year's post. Rather today is a day to be thankful for what life has given me. Times like that day 6 years ago force you to immediately focus on the things and people you have. Despite the fact that my family lives nowhere near the whole thing I still pulled out my cell phone to make sure they were okay, as if talking to them could help make the whole thing a little more bearable. During the aftermath I spent a long time going over the whole list of what ifs and did an inventory of all the things that mattered to me. At the same time I tried to figure out the things that were occupying my mind that weren't worth the effort. A time to clean out the mental attic if you will and focus on things that really mattered.

Whiel I am truly thankful for th life I am lucky enough to be living and the peopel in my life I also managed to miss a big thing that I was grateful for but managed to overlook in the selfish self examination. The anniversary of this tragedy is an important time to be thankful for the heroes of the everyday world we live in. Those that put their life on the line as a part of their job to help others overcome tragedy. I am talking fo the emergency services workers. Not just those that selflessly ran into the cloud of hell in New York just a few short years ago, but also the men and women that do it every single day. But for a simple trick of geography it could have been them, like the fire crews in Hamilton that risked their lives to extinguish the horrible fire at Plastimet. I am fortunate enough to know several police, fire and EMS workers and they are all amazing people. Sure you can shrug off their amazing acts of self sacrifice and say it's part of their job, like they do when you bring it up, but nobody forced them to choose that career path. Their selfless nature had them pursue that particular career choice in an effort to make the world a little better. While everyone is remembering the horrible tragedy lets also take a moment to remember every single emergency response person out there who will put their life on the line to help others every day from the small calls to the major disasters. To them, am I won't name them 'cause they'll kick my ass, I say thank you for all you do.

A moment of silence for those that have paid the ultimate price for their dedication if you please............


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very heartfelt and well written.

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