Monday, March 03, 2008

Go Ahead, Mika My day.......

This weekend saw me rolling off to a conference. While these things aren't always the most exciting thing there is always something neat to come out of it. For this one it was the trip out and back that made it all wicked. The driver was tossing all sorts of music I'd never heard of my way and while I now curse him for making me go spend money, I also thank him for some new tunes for my ever eclectic catalog!

One artist in particular really grabbed my attention and that was the never-heard-of-by-me Mika. He's been floating around the British scene so I'm sure there are those among you who have heard of him but for those that haven't I offer this kickass video as an idea of why I love his stuff.

It's got buckets of innuendo, humping rabbits and hallucinogenic animation! What more could you want?

Oh and Wondy....he's even knocked heels with Beth Ditto!! Sort or makes me wonder if that was what was behind this one......

The kid's got pipes like Freddy Mercury and some serious retro sounds that have had me tapping my toes for the last day and a half. I'm packing this stuff into my ipod for the travel tunes!!

Grace Kelly is still my favourite so far. Especially because it was written and a giant "get bent" song to the industry.


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