Friday, May 09, 2008

Be kind indeed

Give that this week (May 4th to May 10th) was "Be Kind To Animals Week" I figured what better way to see things than through the eyes of a pet.

I was listening to the radio one day and heard the most amazing and heartbreaking story issue forth from my car speakers. The station I had on was a talk radio station and the host was one Charles Adler. Those who aren't familiar with Charles' style, he can be quite gruff and very callous and while he can get pretty worked up over stuff he seems to be a bit of hard case. This is not a true representation however as I heard the softer side of Charles that day. This is going back a while as this was in response to a story in the press about a man who dragged a dog behind his car. The resulting tale he told was enough for me.

You can listen to it here or if you're not having any luck getting through it then read it all here.


Blogger AlmightyHeidi said...

If you saw the story on Oprah about puppy mills, it would leave you in tears:(

If anyone is interested they can sign a petetion to stop the pupply mills at:

7:41:00 AM  
Blogger Ms. Creek said...

ugh, i can't hardly stomach the thought of reading or listening to such a thing! hopefully it has a good ending...

10:01:00 PM  

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