Tuesday, March 15, 2005

My Kid Loves A Dog

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Our daughter was in heaven this weekend. There were two hockey games to be played so she got to see her favourite mascot twice in the same weekend. She actually enjoys hockey a lot, which I am surprised at, but not the least bit upset about. After have season's tickets for a few years it would be a shame if she didn't want to go.

We actually have to be careful about mentioning the games until it is time to go becuase she gets upset if she can't go. People in our section have a blast ashe dances along with the music and cheers for the team.It was also time for their annual skate with the team when you get to go on the ice and meet with players, get autographs etc....

She actually has a favourite player already, which I think is hilarious. She goes right to him when she sees him and we've had a laugh over that. At last year's event he was playing with her and decided that we could go home and leaver her there. I made sure I got him a copy of this photo last year and thought nothing more about it.

This year I made sure I had a copy of it printed so I could get it signed for her to have. The neat part was that he recognized her right away. He was more than happy to sign a copy of it and talked for a few minutes with us. I also noticed that even after many of the players had gone back to their dressing room Duncan was still out there on the ice with the fans despite the fact that they had just finished playing a game less than an hour before

Just one more reason why I got to this level of hockey and not the one that is currently unemployed. Thanks to the team for making every game a family compatible event that is really affordable and a great experience.

And a special thanks to Duncan Milroy for being such a great person. If you were paid for your heart in the game and all the good you do in the community you would indeed be a wealthy man.


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