Monday, March 21, 2005

Welcome Spring!

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Ahhh spring. That beautiful season of transition. A time to shake off the cobwebs and frost and get outside and marvel at the beauty of nature.

Yeah right! Yesterday was the first day of spring and I have to say, if this is it, I can't wait for summer. Heralded by drizzle and snow all day yesterday, spring didn't so much occur as it did plop down with a moist splat.

I like winter more than most locals I think, but I'll be glad when it's over. This winter was more of an aggravating one than anything. Blistering cold accented by snowfalls not fit for snowman making or snowball fights. As a kid I remember playing in snowbanks 4 feet and taller. I'm pretty sure those days are gone. Winter now waits until November or December to arrive and now hangs around like an unwelcome houseguest until April sometimes.

I can't wait for the temperature to drop and the ground to dry up a little so i can use my backyard again. I figure we're in for another spring like last year's. The plants will keep trying to embark upon their awakening only to be bludgeoned back into slumber by another plummet of the mercury.

No matter, once we get through the winter it will be time to start the only other season we seem to get beyond the arctic wonderland........Construction. That delightful season that follows a winter of harping about the potholes in our roads, dedicated solely to reducing our roads to 1/3rd their optimal capacity. It's a sad reality that the only time to fix these vehicle eating craters is that time that they receive their highest volume of use. At least we'll have the potholes under control in time for next winter. After all, if we don't fix the roads then what will winter have to do next year.

Maybe we should try leaving all the potholes intact so that winter will feel it has accomplished its task and move on. Tell me the municipal government would have a problem with that idea. I don't think they actually do anything about them anyway.

Nothing to do but ride it out I guess. The best I can come up with is that everyone prints up a sign and posts it in their window to try and give winter the hint. May I suggest this one

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Blogger happyandblue2 said...

Like the sign. Very subtle..
When I was a kid the snow banks were at least 10 feet tall but as I grew up they got shorter and shorter.

11:10:00 AM  

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